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September 04, 2007

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I tried Nutrisystem and found it unbearably inedible, throwing out most of it. BUT, it is SOOOOO easy to stay on this diet -- you don't have to expose yourself to the temptations of shopping at the supermarket or eating out; instead, you just "go shopping" in your fridge, looking at your SS choices for the week and picking what looks appealing at the moment. I also tried Zone delivery -I think it is now called Chef diets - while I was on the road last year. I tried SSHE on two seperate occasions. I lost 45 lbs in less than 4 months and have maintained for 7 months now. Leah Y September 04, at

Meal-Delivery weight loss program with diabetics in mind.

Losing weight with Seattle Sutton

And if you live with other people I always did the program when my husband was out of town it's harder because there will be other tempting food around. Helena September 04, at If you ate the amount of food Seattle Suttle gives you from a normal menu. Ben Rosete September 04, at I haven't used Seattle Sutton but my in-laws have, and a few times they gave me meals they hadn't eaten for one reason or another. I am currently working on a diet, have lost almost 20 pounds in about 7 weeks.

Additionally, you cannot choose the meals that are delivered, so if you don't like it, you either eat it, or make something else for yourself. I should also point out that while the portions may be small, I consider the fat content to be high. This plan would be ideal for someone with a very large budget and committment to eat only and everything that they provide.

Brett Zumsteg September 04, at I tried it for 6 weeks, lost a few pounds, but not as much as I'd hoped. I found it too expensive for the results achieved -- it's the same thing as Weight Watchers, but they make the food for you instead of you having to prepare your own meals. The food is very fresh, however, and relatively tasty for diet food. I'd recommend it for someone who doesn't like to cook or is too busy to prepare healthy balanced meals at home My mother who is 60 has been doing nutrisystem since early June and has so far lost nearly 30 pounds.

Mind you, she has had to give up nearly all alcohol and has started walking for exercise for the first time in her life. But she feels great and swears by nutrisystem. EEE September 04, at I was willing to pay for the ease of having someone else to the food planning and the prepared foods were generally good.

However, I was astonished by the poor quality of the "fresh" fruits and vegetables in the meals. Rock hard peaches, inedible cucumbers, mealy oranges. Clearly it is not easy to provide fresh produce in packaged meals, but for the price involved, I expected much better.

Jan September 04, at First, these ads always say "results are not typical" because they are required by law to do so I am a lawyer who is familiar with these regulations. When advertising something like a weight loss method or product, you are allowed to use testimonials but you must add the disclaimer that "results are not typical.

Now that we have the legal issues resolved, I can share with you that my sister and I are both on Nutrisystem right now. We started June 1 and I have lost 29 pounds and she has lost 38 pounds. I think that most of the food is good and you do supplement their food with your own fruits, vegetables, dairy and salads.

Being on NS has not prevented me from eating out occasionally though. I just make sure that when I do, I choose healthier options from the menu. The reality is that if you ate healthy on your own, you wouldn't need NS or Seattle Sutton, but I appreciate the convenience of not having to worry about preparing healthy meals. I can just grab a NS meal and know that it is the right amount of the right food. I don't know about the amount of food in Seattle Sutton's program, but I can tell you that I have never felt hungry on NS.

Of course, your individual success will depend on how well you stay on the diet and whether you exercise in addition to eating the prescribed food.

Melissa September 04, at I agree with the above comments. Also I found the fruit that make up a part of many Seattle Sutton meals to be nasty. I always ended up throwing it out. It might be worth a week or two tolearn portion control but I did not find it to be worth the cost. Tom McMahon September 04, at My boyfriend and I tried NutriSystem for about 2 months and though we lost weight, I had to give up on the plan.

I found that all the meals with a sauce pastas, rice, meats in gravy all tasted the same and had a strange chemical after taste probably a preservative since nothing's refrigerated. The pastas were very mushy, and the dehydrated items, like potatoes and puddings, were grainy.

I also discovered that I missed the fun of cooking and creating in my kitchen. The plan requirement to add my own salads, veggies, and proteins made the plan more expensive than the advertisements lead you to believe. I've concluded that, like the others, if I could control portions, I would be better off financially and have happier taste buds if I just cooked for myself.

I've managed to maintain my weight loss on my own for about 6 months. Leah Y September 04, at I tried Seattle Sutton for a month and while, yes, the weight came off quickly I really had to question their nutritional breakdown of foods. I mean, calorically they were right on the money, but when I received a lunch that was 1 small piece of chicken, 2 baby corn and a bag of pre-packaged lemon cookies They're based in my hometown too, so I wanted to support it but I'd rather eat fresh veggies I find myself.

Dawn September 04, at I think the key to these systems actually lies in one of Nutrisystem's own ads - one girl is shouting to the world that Nutrisystem helped her get from a size 12 to a size 2 - twice. The other "big" thing for me is you can still lose weight and not exercise. I am walking but I don't "have to" to lose.

At night I love my "glass of milk" and with Seattle Sutton you get calories a day extra for a snack or in my case that nightly glass of milk or chocolate milk! Convenient easy and delicious! Would be better if switched up the menus for long term customers! I decided to try it again. I was shocked at the quality of the food. Either no taste or old food, on the verge of going bad. Brown lettuce, sour veges and really bad fish. I had to throw away 3 meals and believe me I am not a picky eater, I can eat anything that's why Im overweight.

I was really disappointed that they thought so little of customers that they would pawn off that stuff as editable food. If you have diverticulitis forget it cause a lot of the food has seeds everywhere. The price at a week was not worth it. I'm dumbfounded to read negative posts but do realize that most people usually only post when they want to complain. The calorie plan was an eye for me as i realized my portion control on my own were much larger. With daily exercise I had drastic weigh loss.

First of all, I work a lot of hours during the week and this has taken the guesswork and preparation time out of "what am I going to eat tomorrow. It is fresh, thoughtful and I feel like my mom is cooking for me again. Nice selection of foods I pretty much eat anything so I have no issues with any of the food. If you are a very picky eater, this may not be the diet for you I would suggest trying it for 1 week to see how you like it.

The carb count does seem a little high, but this diet is not advertised as "low carb" and I am losing weight on this nonetheless. During the first week, I had to supplement the calorie diet with fresh fruit or almonds between meals because I got hungry, but after that week I am fine on the calories and I am doing cardio 4 times a week. On the days I lift weights, I have to increase my overall intake to calories again supplementing healthy foods between meals as my body needs it on these days.

SS I think you should have a calorie non vegetarian plan Kudos to you for adding the vegetarian plan In any event, overall I am very pleased with this diet My daughter is off to college and my husband travels often.

I don't like to shop, plan, or cook meals. We both wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, so I looked Seattle Sutton Healthy eating up on-line.

When I realized I can easily pick the meals up in my own town and spend close to the same amount we spend at the grocery store, for unhealthy food choices, I decided to give it a try. Tomorrow will be the 6th time I've picked up the meals which requires me to walk thru a door, have a bag of meals placed in my hand by a friendly, smiling distributor, then walking out. It's a great meal plan for me and my husband. At first I was reluctant to share, for fear I would be hungry, but I've not been hungry at all and if I didn't share some food would go to waste because the cal diet is to much for me.

My husband enjoys the meals and sometimes puts them in a cooler when he has to be out of town overnight. We pick and choose which we want and sometimes we open a couple and exchange this or that with each other or split one. We may not be getting a perfectly balanced diet this way, but it's a big improvement, it's a good start, and we enjoy them.

The fresh fruit and vegetables have been very fresh, ripe and flavorful. The negative would be the packaging D The negative comments I read here Try it with a grateful, positive attitude and you'll enjoy them.

I feel loved and cared for when I eat them and have a positive emotional experience. I'm sorry your grandparents did not care for your thoughtful gift of healthy eating you and your mother purchased for them. We do aim to please our clients and in an attempt sometimes miss the mark with a few. Often it is that clients are not used to eating healthy, balanced meals and need to give it some time in order for them to develop a taste for it.

As a rule of thumb, we always encourage new clients and those who are ordering for gifts especially for the elderly to only order one week of meals at a time for that very reason. We noted this in our conversation with your mother when she placed her order for your grandparents on December 20, and was instructed this, however she insisted on ordering multiple weeks instead.

We even suggested that she start them with a half-week order, to share a half-week order either 12 or 9 meals, but she insisted that she wanted them to have multiple weeks of meals. Because we do want to please our clients, we agreed, but only after explaining that this is out of the norm and goes against our recommendation. When someone places an order for our meals, they may or may not understand our meals and how we can provide such fresh meals to our clients from coast-to-coast.

The meals are freshly prepared, including fresh fruit and vegetables, and are made especially for them. We do not mass produce meals and sell meals as the orders come in. We place our food order based on the orders we receive each week and the meals are then prepared, packaged and sent to the client or picked up at a local distributor location in certain areas.

Freshness, quality and dedication to health is our number one goal. Since we do have a no refund policy on our meals, because of the fresh produce and ingredients that make up our meals we do have to stick to it regardless of personal tastes. We realize occasionally we won't be a hit with every single person. We prepare the meals you should be eating, not want to be eating. Once you try our meals, most people do want to be eating them though.

Our sincerest apologies for any misunderstanding and for letting you and your mother down. We realize how difficult it can be to help seniors eat right and we have served many meals to them so they can age in place without the need to plan, shop and cook for themselves.

It has been a lifesaver to many families searching for a solution. We're sorry your grandparents did not find them helpful and did not appreciate your thoughtful gesture. A nutritionist might be a better idea so you learn about healthy cooking and eating, I'm doing better this time around by not using something else as a crutch. I've had great luck with them.

I lost 45 lbs in less than 4 months and have maintained for 7 months now. Here is the U. News and World Report Rankings of weight loss programs: It doesn't make you feel like you're on a diet, but it really makes you realize how terrible you were eating and how to make better choices.

Almost 30 pounds in about 4 months. The nutritionist is the best idea, but if you want to use a "program," Weight Watchers is more sustainable and is less likely to make you feel hungry. Portion control is good to learn, but last I heard, Weight Watchers at least has some "zero point" foods you can have if you are still hungry beyond your allotted points for the day. I just talked to a family friend who did Seattle Sutton and she said that even though the food wasn't "gourmet", she did well because everything was cooked for her and all she had to do was grab it and eat it.

I've done WW and thinking about food all day really gets to me. The food comes straight to you in individual microwave bags. It's delicious, not filled with chemicals, perfectly portioned, and reasonably priced. I'm on my second round. Lost 14 pounds the first month and I wasn't at all hungry past the first couple days.

I can't recommend them enough. You also get email and phone support from a weight loss coach, if you want it. I've got several friends using that. It just changed its name over from meal movement, I believe.

The photos on the main splash screen are a little misleading, but the food itself is really good. They're all losing weight at a really nice pace. I've got another friend who just eats what they send instead of adding anything, and she's losing weight at the same rate.

Jenny Craig honestly wasn't too bad.

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