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Gary July 24, at 6: Great advice for a guy like me my formative years were dominated by hockey. This comment has been removed by the author. Compare your usual shoe size to select the correct Clarks size for your order. Guys how do i smoke ramp from long short on Dust 2?

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I am 6'3" lbs with 29" thighs. Currently the only jeans I can find that fit my thighs and butt are Levi's , but I'm not a fan of the cut or color. Could I size up in the waist for a looser fit in the thighs, then have the waist shrink down a bit?

Don't know about 's but you might like 's: Sears, Jcpenny or other department stores may have them, Levi's outlets are the best bet though. Oh, for reference I usually wear between a " waist and " inseam depending on manufacturer s are 38x You certainly could try sizing up.

If you have access to a Sears department store, I would suggest going and trying some s on. Just stumbled onto your blog! Great advice for a guy like me my formative years were dominated by hockey. I've never tried a shrink-to-fit, but after this post I might! Only thing I don't like about Levi's, and I know you wrote about this, is the leg opening isn't small enough for me. In my opinion an 8. The question is, to taper the leg before or after shrinking?

This may require some looking into Thanks, I gotta spread the word somehow. Welcome and thank you for stopping by. Definitely taper after shrinking. Thanks for the reply Tommy! Just tossed a pair of Tobacco STF in the tub earlier today. Was really inspired by your color choice and hoping these come out the same. Wearing them around now to dry them out, but they don't seem to have shrunk much whatsoever.

Or maybe I'm just totally making this up haha. Hope you start writing again! I'm interested in the results, Gary. I'm looking to completely update my wardrobe and I was very inspired by this post--looking for jeans that will fit better than normal.

I have to admit that I'm very skeptical. In the case that they do shrink as much as needed, will they not shrink to the point of being too tight? Perhaps when they finally dry, they become the desired looseness? Anyway, Gary, or anyone else, please let me know the results. Would there be any benefit to boiling water on the stovetop to get it extra hot? Also, with natural vegetable dyes such as Madras , I have heard that soaking the clothing in salt water makes the dye stick better.

Do you know anything about that with Levi's jeans? I just finished this process, and dried them while wearing them on a 60 minute brisk hike in 65 degree weather. I initially bought 2" larger in the waist as per Levi instructions, read your post, and took the jeans back to exchange them for actual wast size before shrinking the first pair. I'm glad I did. Thanks for the instructions. Just finished wearing mine dry; got my waist size, 2" longer in the inseam.

These don't seem to have shrunk much at all. The water coming from my faucets is extremely hot, and I let them soak for more than an hour. After drip drying, they still felt really large, so I thought that maybe they would shrink while drying; but no such luck.

They fit almost perfectly in the thigh region, however they didn't shrink to my calves at all and the inseam didn't seem to reduce much either. Would you recommend me soaking them again, and maybe tossing them in the dryer for a bit?

I'm at a loss otherwise. Charles, That is strange. I'm inclined to think that there is some quality issue with the pair you got. All of my STF jeans have shrunk noticeably in length. You can try soaking again, it can't hurt. Maybe try a flat dry. If you do go with the dryer, turn the jeans inside out and throw them in with a few dry towels.

Just know that you might get dye on the towels and the inside of your dryer as a result. Don't know how active this place is, hope I can get an answer. How do I measure my inseam? Never worn Levis before, generally whatever I can find Carhartt, Lees etc.

Always a 32x32 but I don't know if that's "leg length" or the "inseam". I'm not quite sure. That belt is really old and has no label indicating any brand. If I wash these, will they need to be reshrunk? Can I dry them in the dryer or will that ruin things? After one wash or soak and subsequent drying, the jeans will shrink to pretty much where they end up. You can expect normal slight stretching with wear and slight shrinkage post additional washings after that.

You can dry them in the dryer but I wouldn't recommend it because it usually results in weird creases that don't look good. How much shrinkage do they actually see through the thigh? I tried some on the other day and with the upscale in waist and inseam the thigh fight about right. I'm more than a little worried that I could end up with jeans of perfect length and waist that shrink too much through the thigh.

Thanks for the awesome post. I just picked up my first pair of STF's and they are my first go with raw denim. Your post made it super easy. One question though, I have had the jeans for a week now. I followed your method exactly. They are beginning to stretch out a bit. Should I go for another hot soak, or suck up the looser fit and wait until whiskering starts before soaking them again?

Will there still be some more shrinkage? Got shucked here from reddit, and very excited. We seem to have similar proportions, although you're a bit taller, so I hope to get plenty of useful information from here. I'm very excited to see 's featured here, because I thought they were much baggier than this and had avoided buying them.

I need to look for some, since they look like a cost-effective alternative to try for my first pair of raw jeans.

As a side note, wooooooooof! Jeremy I couldn't agree more with your side note. Used this on my first few pairs of STF. My first pair I sized up 1" for a comfortable fit and only soaked in lukewarm water. I got 2 more 32x32 and did the same. The waist didn't shrink much and they're my "tighter" jeans. I decided to go with HOT water for 90 minutes. FWIW they shrank up to about I may do the 34's in hot water when I funky wash them the first time.

I followed this, got mine true to size in the waist and 2" longer in the inseam. What would you recommend doing to fix this? I've had them about a month, but I could certainly rewash them. Sorry I'm getting back to you so late. If you haven't already figured it out, there's nothing much you can do aside from taking them in. If your tailor can taper for a reasonable price, I'd say go for it.

Clark's bushacre II, beeswax color. I have a pair myself and love them although they do stain easily so a good waterproofer is a must if you get a pair. Also Clark's run very big so go a size down. I'm usually a 12 and 11's are still quite roomy.

Those are the Clarks desert boots in beeswax leather. Essentially the same thing except for the sole material. Thank you so much for this. Me having hams for thighs, I was looking for very long to find these jeans, as they are a bit hard to find in my country. However, I ebayed that bitch, and found your great step by step guide, and now I have a pair of great jeans. For my fatty-brethren out there: I recommend not going above your regular size, as they are actually pretty damn large, even for your fat ass.

Thanks for the detailed post. After the initial soaking, shrinking, and wearing-in process, do you wash and dry them ever? Concerned that drying them would shrink them way too much. Yes, when they get funky, I wash and usually hang dry. Pretty much all of the shrinking is done in the first soak-dry cycle.

Any subsequent soak-drys will generally just get them near wear they were after that first one. The one problem is that in the latter stages of the jeans-on drying process, when they seemed to be really dry through the leg just the waist and fly to go, dampness-wise I did kind of a squat to take laundry out of the machine. Now the knees have gone really baggy. Anything I can do?

Will putting them through another hot-water soak and tossing them in the washer help? This is a great post. I did 3 pairs of WxL: Sundays work great for this. I gotta say, it always bothers me when guys say they have big thighs when they've got absolutely normal sized thighs, as it is very clear you do from these pictures, and thus make guys like me who have certifiably large thighs feel really shitty.

So, I hope you created this blog years ago and you've decreased your thigh size, or something. Otherwise, stop the false self-deprecation. Edit to my comment above: If you actually meant it in terms of muscle, and meant it in a good way, forget I said anything. Your thighs might be big and muscly for all I know, I can't tell. Just did my second pair. Went up 2 inches in waist and did my size inseam.

Seems like they come a bit larger than what they say. I wear a 32 inseam and it's usually right on the money. I tried these on and they were half way down my foot before shrinking. This was with them high on the waist. Sitting in wet pants as we speak. So what I'm understanding is: You may have to tweak the sizing for your body type, but otherwise it works out rather well.

I started today with a W35 L34 and it seems to have gone down to a W34 L I did have to "stretch to fit" a bit due to the taper from the hips to the waist.

I'm going to wear these a bit and may shrink another pair W36 L34 to compare Indian Summer, please! I wear a 34 or 35 waist and I'm about a 32 length, but I like to cuff. Bought 35x36 's and went through the process and they're perfect, slim in the legs and they are perfect. Levis DOES make a 33 inseam, especially in the blue rigid, the most popular color.

I just bought a pair in 34 X 33 that will shrink to be 33 X 30's If you have an even numbered inseam, like most people, as in length of 30 or 32 etc, then buy the odd number length 3 inches bigger as recommended on the tag. Try Amazon or eBay. I bought one pair few week. Cannot wait the result.

Just bought a pair of 38x I measured my waist with a tape measure and it was 38" but I tried on a pair of original fit and 36 fit well on the waist, but tight on the thighs I just dropped 50lbs since the new year so I don't know my size I hope I got the right size If this goes well ill shell out the doe for some 's.

I'm not sure how to reconcile these two pieces of advice from the post: I'm asking in earnest because I thought I could put them on wet and take a ride on my motorbike to dry them really quickly. However, if bending the knee causes lots of stretching, riding any two-wheeled vehicle seems a terrible idea. I am a 33x The jeans have shrunk to 33x33, so I wouldn't buy too big.

Excellent and helpful post… I am so glad to left comment on this. This has been a so interesting read, would love to read more here…. I have previously always done the other method of actually wearing the jeans and sitting in the tub for about an hour, but I thought I would give yours a shot.

I feel like yours worked a bit better and I feel less stupid doing it. One thing I would add as a fitness guy who prefers s: I like to size up 2 inches in the waist. With my STF s, I have shrunk 35x34s had to get these from Levis; never seen the odd sizes in stores and also 36x34s and although the waist comes out a bit too big on the 36s, the butt and thighs are infinitely more comfortable.

A belt which I wear all the time anyway more than corrects for the looser fit and gives room for shirts to tuck in. With the 35x34s, they fit nicely after a little breaking in, but occasionally I feel like I am "Mr Skinny jeans" in the thighs. For comparison, I have 25" thighs, not sure how that stacks up to other users.

I'd still rather upsize s than wear most other cuts. Your style of blog presentation is very attractive. Which is famous all over the world and it is very fashionable. Thank you for sharing.. I realize I'm a bit late to this article but I just bought some.

I love them but they're a little lose in the calf and leg opening for what I like; is there anyway to target extra shrinkage? Thanks for sharing info. Keep up the good work We hope you will visit our blog often as we discuss topics of interest to you Jeans for women.

You cannot imagine what you pay even for ordinary STF Levi's no selvedge in Europe - you will easily get two pairs or maybe even three of them at you in USA and Canada!

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